We Make Authentic Liège Waffles

Flaky, buttery, and crunchy interior. Caramelized crispy exterior.

Not your typical waffle?

That's because it isn't! When it comes to waffles, ours is the real deal.


Made with yeasted dough and European butter, our Belgian waffles have a flaky texture and are rich in flavor.

From Belgium

The waffles are infused with giant chunks of pearl sugar imported from Belgium. When cooked in the waffle iron, the sugar melts to create a caramelized, crispy, and golden coating.


Our artisanal waffles are handcrafted with organic and locally grown ingredients.


Add toppings to your heart's content. Make each experience just as flavorful and exciting as the next.


We're currently setting up shop. Wanna know when and where we'll be poppin' up?

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